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Stories working as a Mirror

Stories are mostly deemed as something to make your time pass by. Or to make you feel better. And in some cases, to help you fall asleep. However, they can be viewed more than that. Stories can help you in opening your mind. They can aid you in the process of reflecting upon yourself. Yes, there are books already written for this specific job; the self-help books. But while those books are brimming with information and endless studies, they can never fully capture the essence of deliberation that is required in the getting to know about yourself. Asking your peers their views about you is one way to know yourself. Though, we can’t rely on it solely, mainly because their opinion might be a little biased. They wouldn’t point out your flaws because they don’t want to hurt you. And so, they would opt for sugarcoating your positive traits. Well-intended the move might be, but it’s still wrong. It’s hiding the truth. Reading stories is another way to know about yourself. Self-reflection becomes difficult at times. You don’t know where to begin from. This is where stories come in. It might not seem obvious at the first place but as you read, you come to realize that you and the character in the book do share some common traits. If the said character is carrying those qualities as well which you aren’t carrying, then you unseeingly adopt them as well. Reading about characters in stories similar to you, helps you explore aspects of your personality. Just like a mirror that reveal your physical image, stories work like that in reflecting your inner self.

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