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Lessons from Tales

There are number of ways to preach lessons to people. One way of doing so is to deliver it through lectures. That way is boring; you enter the room and keep on droning about that particular lesson with no interaction from audience what so ever. Only a handful of people would listen to you while others would most likely doze off. It would be a complete waste of time for most of the people wouldn’t even remember it. There’s another way albeit a little indirect; insert those lessons in a tale. What better way to tell a lesson if it was presented through a story to which everyone can relate! Not only is this a fun way but people would be able to understand the concept underlying in it clearly and that they would actually remember it. People wouldn’t show that much importance to stories, other than viewing it as a source of entertainment. Stories aren’t just a source of entertainment. They are much more than that. They carry words that are brimming with meaningful texts such as showing kindness to everyone and to keep moving forward despite the odds stacked up against you. And if you want an impactful lesson to reach as many people as possible, including them through a story will prove to be an effective measure. We have been doing this in children’s storybooks; disguising important lessons in stories that are full of endless imagination and fantasies. The result? They turned out to be fine and well-mannered individuals.

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