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Connecting Through Tales

No matter how much time has passed, there are some things that will never change: values, ethics and needs. There are your basic needs and then there are your emotional needs. The need to be connected can be counted in the latter category. And humans connect through stories. A mother telling her family over the dinner table, how she spent her day. A friend returning from a trip abroad to talk about his experiences to his office colleagues. Mundane they might appear, but the essence of storytelling is there. And while we can’t go back to past, we can still connect with it, with the help of tales. No, not with time machine but through tales! It’s not absurd as you think it is. Haven’t we studied history because we were curious to know how people lived back then? and despite centuries apart and totally stark settings, we found out that we have more similarities than differences such as humankind will always seek the light and that most people are kind and we are only strong as long we stay united? The feeling of being connected isn’t obvious at the first place. How can you connect with fictional characters? It’s impossible! but as you read through text, you start sensing it. You start relating with the characters present in the story. If they happen to be struck in some ordeal, you wish to see them win. Even though its just words on paper and yet you feel elated when the characters emerge as winners. The phenomenon is extraordinary; the author writes the book not realizing that readers will connect to his thoughts and his stories, across time and across miles.

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