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About The Author

About The Author

John King Keller


A Real Estate Broker by day but always an entertainer at heart, John King Keller has many stories to tell. Coming from a very large family consisting of ten brothers and sisters, he grew up listening to some distinct tales from his family and friends and has built on the same to pass them on and entertain the world.



John Keller lives in Ellicott City, Maryland, with his wonderful wife, Elena, the genesis of all home improvement projects.  He has twin 19-year-old boys and thank goodness they are not identical.  One is in college playing Div. 1 rugby and the other is challenged with Cerebral Palsy but gets around like Speed Racer in his powerchair and is currently working on developing his DJ skills.  He also has a beautiful 16-year-old daughter that loves soccer and thinks he is “The Best Dad in the Whole world.”  He might have misquoted her, but he thinks that what she said over the blaring car radio.  John is a former rugby player and youth rugby coach who loves to mountain bike ride.

Ride, that is, whenever he is not doing yard work or new home improvement projects that his wife thinks up, every other week. A Real Estate Broker by day but always an entertainer at heart, John has many more stories to tell.



The Book of Legends: Amazing, Scary and Entertaining Stories for Kids of All Ages.  Volume 1, Is John’s first book.  The genesis of these legends comes from bits and pieces of stories that he heard as a kid growing up in Maryland. John comes from a very large family (ten brothers and sisters), and has many nephews and nieces (twenty) whom he enjoys entertaining whenever they get together. One night, when they had a big family reunion at Grandpa and Grandma’s house, he asked them if they wanted to hear a legend.  They were between the ages of 5 and 12 at the time.  Of course, they said, “Yes!”  He told them legends and made wild gestures as he spoke. They were somewhat scared but very entertained. Not just that, they loved them! From that night forward, and to this very day, they would ask for legends from Uncle John. Or, as they called them, “Uncle John’s Legends.” Well, those nephews and nieces now have kids of their own, and still, to this day, whenever he sees them, the first thing out of their mouths is the chant, “Legends, Legends, Legends!”  It is thanks to all his nephews and nieces for their persistence in wanting to be entertained that The Book of Legends was written.  Now their kids can chant for more “Legends,” and be entertained by their own parents, while John continues writing more Legend books.

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